“I never thought walking with Alpacas would be a thing but it is. My God what an experience! Way better than I expected, the hosts were lovely the Alpacas were like clouds bouncing around the place and you get to feed the bouncing clouds Apples in a forest during a hike. Unreal!”

Diolmhain and Gigi    
May 2020

An absolutely magical, can’t miss experience! Mia and Simon are delightful people and their alpacas are magnificent creatures that are easy to walk and fun to interact with. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a relaxing experience with incredible surroundings. I would most definitely book this trek again when back in Ireland.

March 2020

“Myself, my wife and two sons recently visited The Naked Sheep for their Alpaca Forest Trek. The experience was truly amazing, from beginning to end! Our youngest son is alpaca-mad, so this was a surprise for him. We arrived at the location without telling the kids what we were about to do. When they saw the sign, there was such excitement in the car! (I must admit though, we were all super-excited with this opportunity!). The location is in an amazing part of Kerry, with fantastic views. Mia and Simon (our experience-hosts) were very welcoming and warm. They took a lot of time to ensure that we all knew the health and safety aspects before we started our trek. I really liked that they matched their alpacas to each of us, based on the personalities involved… needless to say, our youngest boy fell in love with his alpaca, Cappuccino. The alpacas are really beautiful animals, and you can see that they are cared-for and loved. I won’t ruin the experience for others by giving too many details, but let’s just say that it was fantastic fun, and we got to walk through an amazing forest, with our alpaca friends. We had tons of opportunities to take alpaca-selfies and some video, and we even got to cuddle and feed them. Tour numbers are small, so you have tons of time to ask questions and to get to know all about these lovely animals. We shared our tour with a lovely young couple, so there were 6 of us in total. Everyone had a blast! At the end of each holiday, I ask every member of the family for their Top 3 highlights of the trip… every single one of us had this experience as our No. 1 on our list! That says it all really! Thank you Mia, Simon, Monkey, Pluto, Herbie and, of course, Cappuccino! Wishing you continued success in everything you do!

Rob & Family
July 2020

Right away, this location is spectacular, and that is only the beginning. Simon and Mia were kind and welcoming as we arrived a bit early. We got to explore the shop and workspace and get a look at the alpacas before the rest of our group arrived. The safety talk and tips on handling alpacas made us feel confident right away, and all they shared ahead of time helped us make the very most of our time with the animals. Our guides took special care to assign us with alpacas they thought we would enjoy, which was a thoughtful touch that we greatly appreciated. The alpacas are clearly well cared for and attended to. Listening to Simon and Mia share the various quirks of the alpacas was a joy, they are passionate experts. During the walk, you very much get a close and hands-on experience, much more than I was expecting. Honestly, I would pay to just walk the woods- the path gently takes you through a moss-carpeted wood full of green lichen-coated trees and scenery that can only be described as magical. The air was clean and fresh and the views straight out of a storybook. Plenty of opportunities for pictures the entire way. The alpaca companions made it an uncommon joy, and I really felt like I bonded with my camelid friend. Before looping back and admiring the many sweeping views of the bay below, the alpacas spend some time in a paddock and we had a chance to feed them apples and really bond with the animals. The entire time, Simon and Mia were available for questions and helpful tips. After the walk, the spinning demonstration and fiber discussion was informative and lively. I loved learning this aspect of what they do, and it really brought the experience full circle over a cup of tea. All in all, this magical and unique experience was truly beyond description. Excellently planned and executed by the hosts. I would heartily recommend it to anyone visiting the area. And tell Nibbles (Donovan) I said, “Hello!”

February 2020

Pure happiness. Hosts were very welcoming and thoughtful, they explained the activity carefully and how to interact with the animals, their different personalities etc. The alpacas were absolutely lovely and fascinating, we even got to cuddle them! We finished the activity by having tea and biscuits while sharing thoughts on the activity, the animals, the environment and much more. The hosts gave some great tips and shared lots of interesting information on alpacas, their wool and more! Also, all of our friends were so jealous when they saw our pictures! 🙂

March 2020