Naked Sheep Courses

All Lessons are now on hold. We will resume taking bookings in the fall

Spinning Lessons

We offer a variety of modules to get you started or to refresh your skills.  Choose from the list below or add a few together to make your spinning experience exceptional! Many students have really enjoyed taking a full day course where all topics are covered. I have had the pleasure of hosting a few students in the Alpaca Lodge B&B and spanned their lessons over a few days. The alpacas are always on hand to entertain during tea breaks as well.

Circular Sock knitting lessons

Knitting on a circular sock knitting machine (CSM) can be incredibly frustrating. These machines are truly antique and some are more than 100 years old. If you are lucky enough to find one that is in good order, all you need is patience and the knowledge to produce perfectly knitted socks. Everyone I know that knits socks on them will say the same thing. They are horrible to learn on, but once you get it, you got it. 

There are a few techniques that are necessary to complete a sock and A LOT of practice.  We will cover the basics; cuff, leg, heel, foot, and toe. Other bits will include talking about cast on socks, sewing up the toe, and a word or two on yarns. 

If you own your own machine already, we can have a chat about it specifically. I don’t usually teach on an unknown machine because it can eat up a considerable amount of class time timing and testing it.


Full Day €192
Half Day €96
One Hour Modules €24 each

Module One - Overview of Spinning

History of Spinning
Overview of Fibre Prep (carding & combing)
Overview of Spinning Methods (Worsted & Woolen)
Overview of Plying & Finishing

Module Two - Carding

Hand Carding
Drum Carding

Module Three - combing

English Combs (5 pitch)
Standard Combs (2 pitch)
Mini Combs (2 pitch)

Module Four - Wheel Mechanics

How the spinning wheel works
Making adjustments to the wheel

Module Five - worsted Method

Worsted Drafting 
Applying Twist

Module Six - Woolen Method

Woolen Drafting
Applying Twist

Module Seven - Plying & Finishing

Simple Plying (2, 3, 4 ply)
Navajo Plying
Cable Plying
Worsted & Woolen Finishing


Full Day €192
Half Day €96

The half day course will cover the same sections as the full day course but will be very compact. Notes are strongly encouraged.