Covid 19: Alpaca Trekking & our Alpaca Lodge B&B will be re-opening on the 18th of May with limited places available. Spinning & Knitting Lessons will restart on the 8th of June. Please contact us for more details on +353 (0)8762721 or by email on

Alpaca Trekking

A unique experience awaits you

Have you ever thought of taking alpacas for a walk? We hadn’t either. Once you have an encounter with them, we think you will be smitten.  Alpaca trekking isn’t new. South Americans domesticated alpacas some 5000 years ago and have been working with them ever since. 

Our treks start at the alpaca’s barn where Simon and I will put on head collars and leads (on the alpacas, not us). We usually take anywhere between two and seven alpacas at a time. Our boys are trained to walk in a line and not to stop for some grass along the way, however they do when they think they can get away with it. After a brief health and safely chat, we then head up into the forest behind our land. It is a magical place and virtually untouched with emerald green moss and clovers covering every surface. 

About half-way through our trail, we will stop in an area that is set aside for breaks. The boys have an enclosure where they are given a well deserved snack and can graze. The humans can also take a break with a snack. There are plenty of logs and benches around to sit on, but you might get a wet bum! Throughout the trek, there are no end of photo opportunities. The views overlooking Kenmare bay is my personal favourite. When we arrive back at the farm, some of the alpacas may have a little treat in store for us…

Meet the boys

We hope you enjoy our photo album of the boys!


Simon and I had never heard of alpacas. It wasn’t until I ran across someone who had an alpaca farm that I became totally in love with them.  Simon wasn’t so smitten at first. However, within two weeks of that first meeting we bought two. Two shortly became four. Well then four grew to 12 and Simon developed his fondness for them.

We started with Rufus and Tully who both lived to be 20 years old.  Dizzy, one of the original boys we bought is 19 years old and showing no signs of slowing down. We also have Cusco who turns out is actually a llama and not an alpaca. 

We only keep boys so we don’t have to keep chasing them away from girls. Male alpacas are happy to breed all year round, the girls would rather not.

Alpacas are quite curious and gentle. They stay close together in their group and have a definite hierarchy. Alpacas can spit, but they usually do it when provoked or when another alpaca tries to steal someone else’s food at dinner time.


  • €30 per person (age 12 and over)

Booking in advance is essential.

This is Ireland, so the weather can be a bit difficult to work with. We will still trek in light rain, the forest does provide great cover. If the weather is too bad we will happily provide another date.

On the grounds of health and safety, anyone attending must be age 12 and older, all under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and ALL guests must be fluent in English


  • The trekking experience usually lasts for two hours
  • Meet and greet with the alpacas
  • A guided walk through the beautiful forest with the alpacas
  • Unlimited photo opportunities with the alpacas and the stunning views overlooking the Cloonee Lakes, Kenmare Bay, and the Ring of Kerry mountain range
  • Snack break with the alpacas in the forest (feel free to bring your own snack)
  • Spinning & fibre demonstration


The forest has been kept as natural as possible, therefore the trail can be uneven and muddy at times with rocks and tree roots underfoot. The terrain has a few inclines/declines. Appropriate footwear is essential.

We are not able to have dogs on site please. Our alpacas see them as predators and get quite nervous around them. Besides, Walnut the cat will fly up the nearest tree and it will take us a week to get him down…

Lastly, you may have such a great time you may not want to go home! How about staying over in our B&B the Alpaca Lodge